Some tips for a successful speed-networking event

The morning of September 14 will be devoted to Speed-networking: 4 meetings of 20 minutes to discuss with decision-makers of French-speaking companies in China. If the concept of speed-networking is simple, the time constraint requires participants to be well prepared, efficient and to be able to clearly define your goals to yourself and your fellow attendees. To help you, we have defined 5 rules that will help you to make effective encounters.


1 – Prepare an “elevator pitch”

Know how to summarize your company in 1 minute

Train yourself to present your company and talk about your current projects. Learn to communicate by going straight to the point.

2 – Set your goals

What do you need ? Your goal has to be more precise than just making a few contacts. For example, if you are thinking of soliciting new suppliers or finding new distribution channels and if you do not fall directly on a speaker who fits these criteria, they may still know someone who does.

3 – Distribute business cards

Prepare business cards, books, and brochures, anything you need to present your company. All these documents will make sure that your partners will remember you.

4 – Take notes

On the back of the business card or any document provided by your new interlocutor, write useful notes to be able to better maintain the connection, remember important details, and show that you have listened.

5 – After the meeting:

  • Follow up: make a call, send an email. This will show your professionalism and interest.
  • Make use of and add your new knowledge to professional social networks