How to break the ice and collaborate



The afternoon of the Forum Travailler Ensemble will be an opportunity to participate in workshops and round table to foster synergy among participants. Discover the workshop “How to break the ice and collaborate”, a session using the LEGO Serious Play© method.


Ice-Breaking & Connective Session using LEGO Serious Play©

This Ice-breaking session, is designed to connect Entrepreneurs and Companies participating in the Forum and help them explore mutual interest, projects and potential synergies.

The session focus on engaging participants in playing with LEGO bricks and by following a series of challenges, using imagination to bring ideas, communicate with others and experience playful interactions to energize the spirit and embrace the event with a smile and energy.

Key objectives:

  • Participants will engage in fun warm-up activities around playing with LEGO toys and helping unleash their imagination
  • Challenges will promote imagination, bonding and sharing
  • Bring participants to end the session energized and in a positive state of mind



With Nextstep, say goodbye to boring workshops that don’t bring results.


 “You can learn more about a person in one hour of play than in a lifetime”



Nextstep Workshops is a company which aim is to bring the very best workshops to support people and organizations thrive.

LEGO Serious Play methodology has been proven to be their tool of choice for environments where positive outlook, unleashing imagination and visualization techniques are encouraged. Either deep meaningful facilitated full-day workshops or short break-out fun team building sessions, they strive to bring quality to people. Say goodbye to boring workshops that don’t bring results.


To participate contact : [email protected]