What is the FTE?

The Forum Travailler Ensemble brings together French-speaking companies based in Shanghai every two years.
The objective? To enable these companies to develop their professional network, benefit from the innovative strength of each and thus promote mutual assistance between participants.
This event, organized by the members of the association “Jeunes Entrepreneurs Francophones”, is a real exchange between large groups and SMEs.


Why you should come?

This year again, the Forum Travailler Ensemble offers Francophone companies based in Shanghai the opportunity to exchange and help each other ( around a new theme…). It provides a global vision on the role of its present companies, with novelties, trends and thus enhances their economic development.
The creation of new business opportunities is promoted through targeted workshops adapted to each company, and ensures maximum relevance. In order to ensure the smooth running of the sessions, coaches will accompany the participants.
Many business decision-makers will be present today. Several business meetings concentrated around a single day will allow members to develop their address books but also to solicit potential investors.